COCIS Operations

How does COCIS operate? In this section, you’ll find information on the following:

Academic Units | Strategic Plan | Operations | Offices |
Meetings and Events | Course Syllabi | Faculty Support | Student Hiring

Academic Units

Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics
The Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics provides an environment that empowers women in mathematics, computer science, and statistics and helps them to realize their potential in those fields. Building bridges between communication and programming, design and technical abilities, these students go on to careers in a wide range of industries.

School of Business
The School of Business faculty, students and staff work in partnership to develop socially responsible and skilled leaders ready for successful careers in the collaborative and competitive environments of business and nonprofit management. We are dedicated to a highly participatory learning environment that values academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, academic scholarship, teaching excellence, and life success for all our students and our colleagues.

School of Library and Information Science
The School of Library and Information Science imagines an interconnected world with a diverse and engaged citizenry empowered by information, cultural heritage, and technology; in which the information disciplines and creativity improve lives; and where literature, knowledge, and collective wisdom are preserved and celebrated.

Strategic Plan

COCIS Strategic Plan
The College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences integrates the disciplines of business, computing, mathematical, information, and library sciences, cultivating achievement and mastery through the creation, exploration, preservation, synthesis, and dissemination of knowledge. Our community of educators and learners is committed to the intellectual, personal, and professional growth and creative expression of our students, faculty, and staff. We nurture a supportive and collaborative environment by embracing the principles of diversity and identity inclusion, developing the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and principled leaders who can solve the global challenges of the 21st century.


COCIS Operating Procedures
The COCIS Operating Procedures operationalize the governance, administrative structure, roles and responsibilities, and academic processes of the College.

Expense Questions
For questions about expenses, please contact the COCIS Operations Specialist.

Budget Questions
For questions about budgets, please contact your academic unit Director or the COCIS Director of Operations.

Dean Scheduling Questions
For questions about scheduling an appointment with the Dean, please contact the COCIS Dean’s Executive Assistant.

Data Requests
For institutional data requests, please contact the COCIS Academics & Analytics Specialist.

Sedona Support (Business faculty only)
For support with Sedona, please contact the Operations Specialist.

Social Media
For social media support, please contact the COCIS Social Media Dean’s Fellow.

For event and functions support, please contact the COCIS Events Dean’s Fellow.


COCIS Faculty Offices, Emails, and Phone Extensions

SLISB204 and B210
School of BusinessB310
Math and Computer ScienceB304
All Faculty & Staff Office NumbersClick Here
Copier/scanner and office supply locations in One Palace Road. For questions about office space, please contact the COCIS Operations Specialist.

Academic Meetings and Events

These are posted to the COCIS and your division’s unique Google Calendars. If you do not see these on your calendar, please contact the COCIS Executive Assistant to the Dean.

Course Syllabi

COCIS Course Syllabi Templates
School of Business Template

COCIS Course Syllabi
SLIS Syllabi
School of Business Syllabi
MCS Syllabi

Independent Studies
B-School Independent Study Form

Faculty Support

Requests for Faculty Assistance
COCIS faculty can submit a request for assistance here. Through this form, faculty can:

  • Submit a request for professional development funds
  • Request to hire student workers
  • Request parking tickets for on-campus guests
  • Make special requests (e.g., assistance with an on-campus or virtual event)

This form also can be used to submit requests for general office assistance such as copying, scanning, running errands on campus, and more.

Student Hiring

If you would like to hire a student worker, please speak with your division director regarding specifics, such as the scope of the student’s work, salary, and number of hours per week. Then complete this form.